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If you’re looking for an accountant who will:

  • Help you to solve your financial problems
  • Get you focussed on earning more money
  • Help you keep more of what you earn and
  • Help you move down the road towards financial independence

Then you’re in the right place. On this site I’ve put together some valuable information that will clarify exactly what your business needs to get to where you want it to be…

3 Stages: Which Is Your Business At?

There are 3 key stages in the business life cycle and it’s absolutely essential for you, the business owner, to have the kind of help you need at each stage. The first is the business Start Up Stage. This is your first time in business on your own, whether it’s a complete new start or buying over an existing one. If you get it wrong at this point you are virtually guaranteed to become one of the statistics that makes up 80% of new businesses that fail in the first 3 years.

The second is the Planned Growth Stage where you decide to take your business to the next level. Done right this can be relatively straight forward and very rewarding financially. Get it wrong and it can be a painful and costly nightmare.

The third stage is the Exit Strategy Stage, where you decide it’s time to sell up and move on or just cash in your chips and retire. When it’s planned for properly you can as much as double your returns compared to a sale that is either poorly planned or not planned for at all.

So to make sure you get the information that is relevant to you, just choose the stage you’re in – click the link below.

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